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About Stratagenic

Stratagenic (adj.): Increasing levels. Generating advancement. Creating growth.
Stratagenic is a marketing agency built with the express purpose of addressing the needs of a modern, growing company that seeks to leverage automation and avoid burn while scaling into the next stage of growth.

Stratagenic Services

Brand Architecture

Brands are the sets of assets perceived by you and your audience that motivate exchanges of value. Designing and redesigning them requires understanding of that value for the scope and length of time that the created brand will be in the market. Stratagenic uses expert insight and foresight to develop brands worthy of the value they bring to their stakeholders.

Media Design

Stratagenic brings beautiful ideas to life in a way that makes your brand your customers’ favorite. We take each delivery seriously, and measure quality by both alignment with the brand guidelines and the impact that the media has with your customers today and in the future.

Marketing Systems

Keeping impact accountable to the budgets and showing ROI trajectory at all times is the Stratagenic promise. We are more than a design firm, we are a business consultancy, and we know that your business lives on the profitability of each action and the ability of each decision to drive your brands into ever greater scales of profit and market engagement.

The Stratagenic Team

Sonny Bynum

Sonny Bynum


Sonny leads Stratagenic armed with 24 years of sales and marketing expertise. He is Stratagenic’s consulting CMO, connecting our clients’ business concerns to intelligent marketing direction. Sonny enjoys family time, developing businesses and studying human interface systems and design.

Dave Curtis

Dave Curtis

Design Lead

Dave’s experience in education technology and security and police hardware sales give him a deep well of expertise to draw on. Dave specializes in brand design and validation using projections based on current market positions. Dave enjoys game design, and is a science and law enthusiast.

The Stratagenic Advisory Board

Jeromy Peacock

Jeromy Peacock

Chief Data Officer

Jeromy’s background is in data analytics, training, and business intelligence. Jeromy¬†uses the power of data to analyze complex problems and deliver simplified solutions for Stratagenic. Jeromy enjoys problem solving data puzzles, spending time with family, and learning new things.

Stratagenic is proud to be a brand of Trail Valley Group.